Conceived with

Dinara Kasko

From the talent of the famous “Archipastry” Dinara Kasko and the creativity of the Silikomart Professional designers Cloud 1600 and Cloud 120 were born.

She defines herself as a creative person, immensely interested in art. 

After studying at the University of Architecture and Design and working as an architect, designer and 3D visualizer for several years, the Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko found the ideal ground to express her creative restlessness in creating pastries, with architecture and geometry as instruments, and with the ultimate goal of finding beauty. Dinara has the foresight and skill to bring together architecture, design, pastry and photography (another of her interests) to create and shape desserts that are true architectural elements.



71 x 71 h 34 mm

Volume 6x120 ml

Tot. 720 ml



200x200 h 55 mm

Volume: 1650 ml

Symbol of change and movement, the cloud has always recalls something soft, light and delicate. This is the inspiration behind the unique design of CLOUD120 and CLOUD1600, the silicone moulds by Silikomart Professional which allow to produce 6 single portions with a volume of 120 ml and a cake of 1600 ml, suitable for use both in blast chiller and in the oven, for flawless results.

The Masterclasses

During her masterclasses in hangar78, the Silikomart's innovation laboratory, Dinara Kasko presented a preview of the Cloud project, and in that occasion she was able to tell her story and 

express her talent.

Download the recipe 

made by Dinara Kasko